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Import and Exports

Import and Export Services

Bringing in cargo from outside your county can get complicated. Likewise, exporting goods beyond your borders poses numerous challenges and can prove costly. It is always wise to seek local expertise when it comes to moving cargo internationally.


Commercial Importing and Exporting

Euro Africa Freight has a proven record in delivering commerical import and export solutions for clients around the world. We leverage the latest in approved customs software, so you can rest easy that your shipment is secure. And, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on developments every step of the way.

Import and Export of Vehicles and Vehicle Clearing

Euro Africa Freight specialises in the import and export of vehicles. Our experience in vehicle clearing enables us to help clients move their new or used vehicle as they require – with minimal cost and complete peace of mind.

Speak to a clearing agent today

Complete the form to pose us any customs clearing and freight forwarding related questions you might have. We are always happy to lend a hand!